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The Curing of Ham and Hogs Hole is strictly for medicinal purposed and required by the FDA even if it makes Irishmen Angry. The Irishmen should calm down, visit Pine Tree Farms and enjoy a 6-Pack at Bandwagon Brew Pub! Hopefully this doesn't lead to a Dinking Problem for them! The rules are very clear and if you can't see them perhaps a visit to Optivision is in order. It will probably cost you about a Buck Fifty and most of your Net Assets, and you may feel like a Dirty Puppet is making decisions for you but with Each Hit you will earn a Green Star towards becoming a Boondock Saint!

If you can't Master your Mayhem then perhaps and old re-run of How I Set Your Mother will make you smile instead.

Just remember that practicing safe volleyball is very important!!! When hashing through T-Burg their motto is We Always Get it Up, but sometimes Rick Flair's Tip is enough! Next thing you know you'll be dealing with Unorthodox Playmakers or Netting Crashers if you are not safe!

Also remember the park is full of Acorns so wear the right shoes or walking could feel like you were run over by a Gene's Machine! If you've come to the park simply to Kick Grass and Takes Games then you better have Got Net. If you can't find your net then perhaps a survey of the park from TG Miller is in order!

I hope when you read through this disclaimer you thought I was Kiln' It, if not, TOUGH! You can just Kiss My Ace!


Keep all volleyballs out of reach of children.

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